June 4, 2023

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2022/6/29 Crime


June 2022

Ohio EPA SPILL Hotline 1-800-282-9378

“Report emergencies involving the release of any material that impacts public health or the environment, including chemicals, petroleum, manure, fires/explosions, or to make an emergency notification to Ohio EPA as required by law or by permit.”

What happens when you call?

“Ohio EPA emergency response (ER) staff responds to reported spills either in person or by phone with local responders (fire departments, emergency management agencies, etc.) and responsible parties. The primary purpose of a spill response is to identify and contain the material released, stop the release, and ensure the emergency is mitigated through cleanup efforts. If responding by phone, Ohio EPA relies upon response partner documentation and photos to show the emergency has been mitigated and ER staff will follow up to verify.

The emergency response program does not have statutory authority to “fine” anyone for environmental releases. The program can invoice responsible parties to recover costs incurred during an incident response. ER staff may refer incidents to other Ohio EPA divisions for additional follow-up when the emergency portion of an incident is complete.”

  • Dina Pierce, Media Coordinator for EPA Ohio

Ohio Spill Incidents we are Tracking

“No enforcement or civil penalties have been imposed” for the following incidents flagged by WTOH in our With the Flow watershed reports in the month of June 2022:

“Ohio EPA provides the following additional information, based on our incident responses.

  • June 13, 3:09 am: 1500 gallons of diesel fuel [reported] spilled at Leipsic in Putnam County – Actually, this was a 50-gallon jet fuel release. The fuel never left the property and never reached a waterway. The fuel was cleaned up and the property owner is deciding whether to excavate the affected soil. No further response from Ohio EPA is planned.
  • June 14, 3:03 100 gallons of diesel fuel [reported] spilled in Liberty Township, Van Wert County - This was a confirmed 100-gallon diesel fuel release. It also remained on land (in the road median) and did not reach a waterway. An environmental contractor was hired to remove the liquids and stabilize the area. The affected soils will be excavated at a later date. Ohio EPA continues to communicate with the responsible party and contractor and is tracking the cleanup.
  • June 14, 9:05 am 150 gallons of diesel fuel [reported] dumped into the Cuyahoga River at Parkman Township in Geauga County – Actually, this was a 50-gallon diesel fuel spill and was all land-based, no waterways affected. An environmental contractor was hired to address the immediate release. The affected soils will be excavated. Ohio EPA is tracking the cleanup with the responsible party and contractor.”
  • Statements provided by email, Dina Pierce, Media Coordinator with Ohio EPA

Safe Drinking Water Act Dashboard – Ohio

  • 4,346 Drinking Water Facilities
  • 1,226 with Current Violations
  • 56 with Significant Violations
  • 342 with Formal Enforcement Actions (in the last 5 years)

Case History of Water-related Criminal Prosecutions - Ohio

– 56 Criminal Prosecutions under the Clean Water Act (from 1989-2020)

  • Link to a bullet point summary of these cases, penalties imposed, organized in the watershed impacted, “coming soon”
  • Pin locations to state map with a brief description year and contaminant spilled?

0 Criminal Prosecutions under the Safe Drinking Water Act

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